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Essence Group offers a wide range of industrial, nutraceutical & infant nutrition manufacturing and packaging services to our customers.

We utilise an extensive range of high volume blending, packing and warehousing equipment to ensure efficient manufacture for our customers.

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your product journey.

From concept to consumer. We are with you every step of the way

product development.

With a dedication to innovation as a cornerstone of our business, Essence Group prides itself on its extensive expertise in the development of innovative concepts and products for our customers.

Through the knowledge of our technical team, including highly skilled technologists, naturopaths and nutritionists we support your project from concept to finished product.

In working in close collaboration with our manufacturing teams, production design is embodied into the product development process to ensure commercial viability of innovative and cutting edge products.

Focusing on a best-in-class customer service approach, Essence Group provides our customers with unique solutions to deliver the most innovative products on the market.

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