Food Trends in 2019

A prediction from Whole Foods for 2019 is that everyday brands will begin to launch a new line of products inspired by fruits and flavours found on the Pacific Rim, these include passionfruit, guava, mango, coconut and jackfruit. We can see this trend developing in the Australian market too with many brands formulating products using these flavours and moving towards more natural ways of flavouring supplements. The use of Australian native ingredients continues to rise among the health and nutrition sector, showcasing the unique richness and diversity of home-grown flavours.

Probiotics in everyday use have been a trend for many years but Whole Foods have predicted an expansion of probiotic products in grocery refrigerated and pantry sections; new strains of probiotics are offering more shelf-stable formulations such as nut butter and soups.

Whole Foods self-titled trend Phat Fats refers to the growing popularity of paleo, grain-free, keto, paleo and vegan diets. Protein-rich and low in carb alternatives are hitting the shelves and new in-store categories such as vegan and fodmap food ranges are growing in popularity.

Here at Essence, we predict an increase in consumption of vegan flakes; not only are these vegan substitutes gluten-free but sit within the paleo and raw ranges on the shelf. Nutritional Yeast flakes, Nori flakes and Wakame flakes are rich in B vitamins, carotenes and fibre. These sea vegetables help alkalise our bodies from the over-acidity of the modern diet and contain 10 to 20 times more bioavailable minerals and vitamins than land vegetables. According to Whole Foods, consumers are exploring new depths of ocean flavours with superfood properties comparable to unique varietals of algae and kelp. It appears there’s a shift from seaweed snacks to the omega-3 rich sea greens and marine foods.

We’ve also noticed a steady increase in the popularity of superfood tablets and capsules. Infamous for their antioxidant properties and strong source of minerals, we continue to formulate turmeric, maca, beetroot, kombucha and ACV tablets. From the consumer’s perspective, what better way to supplement your lifestyle and boost antioxidant levels than a superfood-packed capsule?

Many companies are satisfying the needs of the millennials however the ageing population are growing increasingly more knowledgeable on health and anti-aging supplements. Functional collagen powders are an easy to digest anti-ageing solution that protects from free radical damage and supports healthy collagen formation.

Another trend for 2019 is the demand for personalised nutrition. The increasing consumer interest and education in health, wellness and clean living are resulting in consumers taking their health into their own hands and optimising their lives through customised nutrition and diet.

The possibilities for formulations, technological innovations and new product development is endless for 2019 and we’re excited to be at the core of it!